This is Us!

This is US! We are the James family…but before there were four, there was only me and my husband. After being married for nearly two and half years, we moved from our hometown of New Orleans and settled into the much smaller city of Farmington, New Mexico. Although we had never heard of this place before, I had finally landed a job in my career field of educational psychology. As a diagnostician for the school district, I was excited to work with special education students and get the real world experience I was lacking. Not even two months had  passed when we found out we were expecting our firstborn, Donald Jr (DJ, now 4 years old). Fast forward to one month after DJ’s first birthday, when we found out we were expecting AGAIN! This time it would be our daughter, Lila Sophia (now 2 years old).

Needless to say it has been a whirlwind adventure since we arrived! Now that I feel I have a temporary grasp on our chaos, I’ve decided to take time and share how these little humans amuse and amaze me everyday!