Welcome to Three Little Hearts, formerly FourLittleFeet! I am thrilled to share my experiences as a working wife and mom of two little blessings. My hope is that you find inspiration, affirmation, or just a laugh or two as you gain some insight into my life. While I work hard at each role I have, I also try to remember myself as I was before being a mother (it’s very easy to lose myself in chores, playtime, and schedules). I love to read, listen to music, play sports, dance, and shop. Although I don’t have as much time to myself as I did before children,  self-reflection is imperative as I navigate these roles that are a part of who I am now (hence, BLOG!!). Also, it’s so easy to forget the hilarious statements and priceless moments my children so effortlessly provide! It NEEDS to be recorded 🙂

Admittedly, I take myself way too seriously at times, and tend to create extremely rigid standards of achievement for the simplest things (i.e., leaving the house by a certain time on non working days, obsessively sifting through outgrown clothes to give away, stressing if I don’t mop the floor more than once a week…). In the midst of toddler meltdowns and other challenges, I struggle to enjoy life if  I fall behind these tasks. Remembering what made me happy before I had children helps me to maintain my sanity when said children are driving me batty!!!

Speaking the truth via blogging is my new therapy! Your thoughts in response will add to this restorative experience, so please chime in 🙂 No judgment from me or toward me~~as moms and caregivers, we’re in this together. Please follow me as I lead these three little hearts from one phase to the next.