Hair and Fashion

Before I had kids, I had the freedom to wash, condition, and style my hair whenever I wanted. AND, before I left New Orleans, I had the luxury of going to the beauty salon when I didn’t want to do my hair myself. Well all that has changed! So I try to do what’s both quick and healthy for my hair. In reality, one of those usually wins out… (hint: efficient). So because I have less time to treat my hair as often as I’d like to, I like to use protective styles to hold me over for a while until I need to treat it again. My current favorite protective style for nearly two years now is crochet braids. I have alway liked having braids in my hair, but individual braids (for the amount of hair I have) take about six to seven hours! Ain’t nobody got time for dat, especially mothers! So instead, I prefer to have my hair braided down to my scalp, and have ready-made braids crocheted onto my hair. Hair protected (check), wake up and go (check), and all in two hours tops (check check check!!). Check out the pictures below!

Washed and blown out 🙂
Braided up!




What are some shortcuts you use in your daily regimen? Share your secrets!

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