Summer Romp Up!


Rompers are a life saver in so many ways. They’re loose (flattering without effort), comfortable (tight is NOT what’s hot), and cool for the summer heat (hello, July!). Pair it with wedges, heels,or flats- who doesn’t love versatility?? I usually add flats for a cookout or bday party (I prefer not to chase toddlers in heels), and wedges or heels for date night. Rompers also give the feeling of wearing a dress without concern for the wind blowing or having to stoop down to fix a shoe, etc. Worry-free like mid-rise jeans/shorts and a flowing blouse, except it’s all into one. I love maxi dresses as well, but the less fabric sticking to me in this heat, the better!


Best of all, I found this particular romper at Burlington Coat Factory! Y’all know there’s nothing sweeter than a cute fit at a bargain price. I felt like one of those moms on the commercials–I literally shopped for the whole family for less than 50 bucks. #PraiseBreak! Plus all of the home decor…if my little town had a BCF, I’d be in trouble!

Definitely adding Burlington to my favorites list along with TJ Maxx and Ross. Though it tends to be be hit or miss, this romper was a hit for me. PLUS the home decor is awesome and affordable! (Can’t wait to show y’all what I found for my up and coming beauty corner..)

Do you like rompers or prefer maxis/short dresses? Or do you stick to shorts and a top? Tell me how you style while beating the heat!




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